Api registration guide

And so, after a long time, we are ready to provide you with the most extensive guide for registering Telegram accounts in multi-threaded mode. The article will cover everything from choosing a proxy, to compiling a list of user agents and searching for pairs. Go!

A small preface, purely the author’s thoughts are NOT REQUIRED to read!


I have heard a lot of versions about tg accounts, from stories about super-private, mega-cool proxies, about behavioral “Human”, about unknown delays, super-duper layer not available to mere mortals, and so on. I do not deny the capabilities of each of these functions, they may be real, but not realizable. And why? When each application is not official from tg, it behaves differently.

Therefore, I came to the conclusion that it is necessary to drown in the direction of not official applications. As it turned out (otherwise I would not have written all this here) I was right. This method allows you not only to register 50 accounts per hour, no. These are hundreds and thousands of accounts, if desired. Hello to all single threaded creators

It seems like he spoke, read on, why did you even spend time on this)

And so to the main thing that we need

  1. Collect a list of app hash app id pairs (You can take ready-made ones from here –121 couple(but keep in mind that many will do this) or find it yourself as described here – Search for pairs without parsing applications)
  2. Come up with names of applications and their system (there are 2 conditions, not machine generation, utf-8 encoding, do not worry, I will describe how to do this)
  3. Buy a proxy resident to reduce the percentage of dump (you can also on the torus, but not much)
  4. Send money to SMS services
  5. Thank Deku)

And so – we are going to collect a chat from 5 thousand people, I took a chat for examplehttps://t.me/WalletWalletMotherWallet (large chats are convenient because they can be collected once and use this database for a long time) and go to the parser


We expose so as to collect as many logins as possible